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The exact recipe of Sprizzato is a closely guarded Priante family secret. The base of the liquid is a precise blend of sweet oranges from Sicily and bitter citrus fruit from Curaçao.

During the distillation process, natural herbs and roots like gentian and anise sourced from the local mountains are added to give Sprizzato its distinctive aromatic taste. The final touch to finish its well-rounded, harmonious flavour is an infusion of rhubarb from the heart of Asia. The result – a bitter-sweet, orange-infused libation that sparkles with Italian sunshine in every drop.


The Classic Spitz

50ml Sprizzato
100ml prosecco
Splash of soda water

Add to a large wine glass filled with cubed ice & garnish with a slice of orange.

Sprizzato Sour

50ml Sprizzato
25ml lemon juice
12.5ml sugar syrup

Shake the ingredients in a cocktail mixer & filter into an old-fashioned glass with ice. Top off with a slice of orange and a maraschino cherry.

Sprizzato Strong

50ml Sprizzato
25ml vodka
50ml strawberry purée or juice
Dash of prosecco

Shake the first three ingredients in a cocktail mixer. Then pour into a wine glass & top off with prosecco.

Bellini Spritz

50ml Sprizzato
2 tsp fresh peach or strawberry purée

Make in a champagne flute & garnish with a peach or strawberry slice.


75ml Sprizzato
1 egg yolk
10ml sugar syrup

Add all ingredients into a shaker & dry shake. Add ice & shake again. Strain into a coupette or vintage sherry glass and dust with ground cinnamon.

Italian Riviera

50ml Sprizzato
25ml peach juice
25ml orange juice
Splash of lemon juice

Make in a champagne saucer with a little crushed ice.

Sprizzato Chichote

25ml vodka
25ml sprizzato
10ml vanilla syrup
Top up lemonade

Mix the first three ingredients and top up with Lemonade. Serve in a rock glass for men or double strain and serve in a Martini glass for women.

Spritzzato Bellini

25ml Sprizzato
12.5ml apple juice
Top up prosseco

Build in the shaker Spizzato and apple juice and double strain in flute glass, top up with prosseco and orange zest as a garnish.

Gamberi sul Prato

50ml Sprizzato
Juice of half a lime
Pinch of chopped coriander
Pinch of chopped chilli
Crushed ice

Place all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker and shake. Pour in a tumbler and garnish with coriander leaves, lime and slice of chilli.

"Delightfully fresh-smelling, with a floral sweet orange profile underpinned by the tartness of grapefruit rhubarb and a savoury herbal background reminiscent of sage"

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